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Lex Luger Then and NowIn a recent interview with WGRZ, former WWE superstar Lex Luger spoke about how he was leading a double life during his later years in the pro-wrestling business and also discussed the use of steroids in wrestling.

Although Luger spent most part of his career wrestling for World Championship Wrestling (WCW), he did work for a couple of years in the WWE as well. He did not win any championships during his tenure but his greatest claim to fame was his joint victory in the 1994 Royal Rumble alongside Bret Hart.

Apart from that, ‘The Total Package’ is also remembered for successfully body-slamming the near 600-pound late WWE superstar, Yokozuna.

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The matter at hand

Talking about the latter part of his wrestling career, Lex Luger admitted that he was living a double life and hurt the people who were closest to him. According to him, he seemed to be having a perfect life from the outside but he was actually just trying to fill the emptiness inside. The fact that wasn’t getting enough of money, women and partying pushed him into dark paths for a certain period.

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This is what Luger had to say:


“I was living a double life, and ended up hurting those closest to me, and while my personal life, while it seemed that I had it all, ‘The Total Package,’ everything going on in the ring, and then the million dollars that had been going on.

There was an emptiness that I was trying to fill and outside of the ring there was never enough money, there was never enough women, there was never enough partying, and as a results, I went down some pretty dark paths for awhile there.”


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The former WCW World Heavyweight Champion revealed that steroids were prevalent in both football and wrestling before and during his career.

He opined that athletes agreed to use steroids in those days because they did not want to be left behind those who were already doing it. Luger stated:

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“It was [used], in both football and in wrestling, earlier on, and in my career. It was very prevalent then and looking back on it, we all always wished there was a level playing field, but it was kind of like ‘work hard, play hard’ if the rest of the guys are taking it, you didn’t want the guys to have an edge.


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Having won the Royal Rumble match in just his second year in the WWE, Lex Luger was certainly in line for greater things in the future.

However, it perhaps wasn’t meant to be as he left for WCW, a company which the WWE went on to buy a few years later.

Lex Luger and sting