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A report has just been filed on the return of former WWE World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk who worked out of WWE two years ago.

CM Punk last wrestled in 2013 and since then, he has been doing quite a lot here and there, including signing with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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Yes you may say, CM Punk walked out of WWE and that should be all about him. But that doesn’t mean that he’s still not relevant in the world of professional wrestling. As a matter of fact, he remains the only wrestlers in memorable history who exceeded John Cena in merchandise sales and that meant a great deal for WWE back then and it would mean even more at a time such as now that WWE keeps dropping and their fans are fast becoming ex-fans.

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What actually happened was this, CM Punk felt he was being maltreated by WWE. He felt he was not getting enough for that which he was offering. He felt used, ill-treated and unappreciated. Then frustration sets in as he keeps shouting about his pay not being enough as well as the creative direction of the product, injuries followed as surely as night follows day, one or two others things happened to him and his position on the card organically took a different dive, then we saw him no more. He walked off WWE on a bad note and screwed the bolt against all odds.

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Back then when CM Punk was performing in WWE, he was always rated as either number one or number two in terms of the biggest stars in the company. Then there comes 2011 when CM Punk exceeded every other star and undoubtedly became the number one Superstar the company has. He was classic, phenomenal and prodigious at his career as well as the rewards WWE was getting from his presence and actions.

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However, fans have been hungry for the return CM Punk who is currently signed to the world’s biggest mixed martial arts organization, the UFC. Fans have been kicking that they want to see him back in WWE again. They want him to make a return especially at a time like this that WWE bleeds.

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Recently on Twitter, CM Punk replied the question on his possible return if WWE ask him to come back with a contract worth $50 million. He stated, “money isn’t everything.”

The following day CM Punk once more spoke about his possible return to WWE in the future. This time, he nailed it completely and screwed the bolt and the nut firmly together. He said, “Slow news day when my replay to a tweet is news. Not going back [to WWE], shut up about it. Move on.”

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