Four (4) MAJOR SIGNS That WWE Star Nikki Bella Is In ANOTHER WRONG RELATIONSHIP — SEE What Nikki’s NEW Boyfriend Did…

WWE  Champion Nikki Bella and this Bachelorette guy Peter Krause were caught on a date again and everyone is asking with a degree of worry; “are they a couple?”

Are Nikki Bella and Peter Krause really dating? Is Peter Krause John Cena’s replacement after the split with Nikki Bella?

While that remains the question with a million dollars tag, worthy to note is that there are new couples buzz about Nikki Bella dating Peter Kraus.

After all the jamboree and whatnot, the wrestling and Total Bellas star appears to be ready to move on romantically. In a teaser for her show Total Bellas, we see her out on a date with a new guy — and he has quite a romantic history of his ow! She steps out with Bachelorette fan-favorite Peter Kraus.

While that is already making headlines here and there, we would quickly want to take you through things about Nikki Bella’s supposed new boyfriend, Peter Kraus.