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The just concluded episode of the WWE Monday is just the last RAW show before Payback and it is called the go home of Payback.

Report according to cagesideseats has it that Stars align, stars can fall and get you into trouble. Be afraid; don’t be afraid, speak the ancient wisdom of the desert. You’re not as safe as far as I can tell, and I can tell. Only you can save yourself, me, I’m just here to liveblog this here pro wrestling show, folks.

The show opens with a recap of the whole Roman/Braun saga over the past two weeks, Strowman destroying Reigns, tossing Kalisto in the trash, and then breaking the ring with Big Show.

In the arena, Chris Jericho makes his entrance. He tells the crowd they’re loud already and welcomes us to a monumental edition of the Highlight Reel. It’s monumental because it’s the last one ever on Raw, because when he beats his former best friend and current muttonhead for the United States Championship he’s gonna head to SmackDown.

But that’s okay, whether it’s SmackDown, Raw, or Southpaw Regional, the fans have always supported him, the Fans of Jericho. So because this is the last Highlight Reel on Raw he needs a huge guest, a sexy beast, and that sexy beast is him, he’s the Guest of Jericho.

But seriously, he’s gonna get his Payback (see what he did there?) on Sunday, and he runs down a litany of the evil deeds Kevin Owens has done recently and calls him the child of the Hunchback of Notre Dame and Grumpy Cat before suggesting that the Hemorrhoid of America would be a better nickname for him. He starts the spiel to add him to the list…

Enter Miz, flanked by Maryse as always. He puts his hand up and tells the crowd to shut their mouth before saying that Raw is no longer Jericho and it hasn’t been since they arrived. They enter the ring and he continues telling the crowd he can’t suck because he’s not from Kansas City.