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StingFor many years wrestling fans wondered if Sting would ever sign with WWE, and he finally made his debut with the company at Survivor Series in 2014.


The former WCW World Heavyweight Champion went on to face Triple H at WrestleMania 31 a few months later and in the end it was Triple H who picked up the victory.

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WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson recently discussed the match on the ARN Podcast and he said that Vince McMahon wanted to “nail one last nail into the coffin” when it came to letting fans know WWE beat WCW in the Monday Night Wars.

Double A said it’s just another instance of “WWE just beating you over the head” with the fact that pro wrestling is a work.

“After all that bullsh*t…I’m gonna shake your hand and walk out. It’s another one of those deals of the WWE just beating you over the head with ‘this is a work, guys this is just entertainment, it don’t mean sh*t and the match is over now, we’ll go back to just being entertainers.’ I don’t think the audience needs that, I don’t think they want it.”

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Anderson also went into the commentary and noted that the announcers were fed specific lines by Vince McMahon.

“All it did was give the announcers – and I know this was fed to them – they just buried Sting. ‘Minnow in a big pond.’ Just total condescending. ‘Guy’s out of his element.’ ‘This is WrestleMania now.’ ‘You’re just a small minnow in a huge lake.’”

“To just bury him on the commentary – if you go back and watch it and listen to it, they just buried him. As it turned out, they prostituted each other’s finishes which I’m not a fan of because guys don’t have finishes anymore…”

After Triple H vs Sting was over at WrestleMania, Sting shook Triple H’s hand in a babyface display. Arn Anderson didn’t appreciate this aspect of the match at all.

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Vince McMahon defeated WCW in the Monday Night Wars. He might not have made that message as clear as he would have liked. After defeating Sting in the way they did it seemed to put the “last nail” in that proverbial coffin.

“The reality is this, it was the last nail that Vince could nail into the coffin and say ‘okay, it’s done, we’re the superior company, they said they were gonna put us out of business, they led for all those weeks but in the end, here’s your last remaining guy and he was your biggest star and we just crushed him before your very eyes at the biggest event of the year. It is now officially done.’ It’s like WCW never existed, that is what would have been going through [Vince’s] mind…”Even though fans waited a long time to see Sting in WWE, his run with the company was less than memorable.

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After WrestleMania 31 he went on to wrestle just one more match for the company, which ended up being his final match, when he challenged Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship at Night of Champions in 2015.

He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2016 and he officially retired during his induction speech.