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Roman Reigns’ WWE career has finally taking a new turn granting him a stand as the number two beater of the Undertaker after Brock Lesnar.

The Undertaker cut down draperies on an incredible profession that crossed more than 27 years and saw him vanquish the WWE Universe. The main past misfortune endured by the Deadman at the most fabulous phase of them all was against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30, which conveyed a conclusion to his unbelievable dash of 21-0 at WrestleManias.

Funeral director uncommonly called previous observer and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross to commentate his last ever WWE coordinate. There was a demeanor of certainty at Camping Bowl Stadium. The Undertaker persevered through endless Spears and Superman Punches from Roman Reigns before at last getting stuck.

The Undertaker left his gloves, cap and robe in the ring before advancing out of the Arena – not by exiting but rather by sliding into nothingness. The Phenom even broke character before making his last ever exit from WWE as he recognized his significant other – Michelle McCool – who was available in the crowd, and the Deadman kissed her on his way back.

The unexpected completion of the incredible vocation of the Phenom turned out poorly well with no-nonsense and long lasting enthusiasts of WWE. The closure of such an amazing vocation should have been exceptional piece rather it was unexpected and without the buildup that it merited.