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Fans may not want to hear this, but it seems as if John Cena is set to quit WWE for Hollywood. He has already started moving in the steps and shadows of Dwayne Johnson, the one who brought so much magic and honor to professional wrestling.

No professional wrestler has been able to match his marks and successes and in the wrestling industry before he bowed low to give more attention to acting. The offer came roughly 10 years ago; trust me, The Rock tried juggling the two careers but that was like self-torture. So he went fully into Hollywood, standing tall and high as one star who is nearly indispensable.

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Now, the Wrestling Observer has just reported that the Hollywood executives are bent on given John Cena more roles and filming deals.
For a while now fans have been arguing that John Cena is on the verge of quitting WWE for Hollywood following a rumor which connotes Cena has issues with WWE CEO, Vince McMahon. But Cena debunked that recently when he stated that he would not quit wrestling for any reason and that he and McMahon have mutual understanding as regards his Hollywood commitments and schedules.

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Cena has always maintained that wrestling is his lifeline and that he wouldn’t leave the industry for any reason. The Rock never said that, and fans begrudged him; they hated him and nearly tagged him an enemy for life until recently when he made his way back to WWE and remained a semi-retired wrestler.

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The truth is, although quite a number of wrestling fans are worried about Cena’s debut to the movie industry, WWE is comfortable with that. WWE sees it as a natural advertisement for the company and that brings glory to Vince McMahon especially as the die-hard Hollywood fans starts saying Cena is like The Rock, he has a wrestling backdrop and he has a crazy success record with the World Wrestling Entertainment.

Who wouldn’t want to hear that, isn’t this what McMahon needs at a time such as now when the company’s ratings are down?