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The biggest annual Pay per view of the year is close at hand. The WrestlMania 33 is a pay per view that brings the WWE and all in the sector in another dimension of the business.

Plans are already been drafted out for the event and all participants are getting their scheduled. Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer noted on Twitter that Sasha Banks is set for a “big match” at WrestleMania 33. Meltzer noted that Charlotte Flair vs. Bayley is the current plan for the Raw Women’s Title match for that show but that big plans for Banks are also in the works:

Charlotte vs. Bayley is the next program. WrestleMania is months away and things will change.

— Dave Meltzer (@davemeltzerWON) December 21, 2016
Banks is scheduled for a big match on that show— Dave Meltzer (@davemeltzerWON) December 21, 2016