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Not long ago, the story of Nikki Bella getting her long awaited proposal from her well known lover John Cena went viral on the internet and it has been the talk of the day for every wrestling lover.

Now, the big question everyone is asking is how possible is it for Nicole to manage her career if she eventually gets married; as whistle-blowers are saying the wedding is already cooking and it will be one of its kind.

Wait a minute; did you fail to think that the marriage may never hold? After all, words from reliable sources have it that the Nikki Bella, John Cena WrestleMania 33 engagement was for the benefit of the show as Cena has time and time again asserted that he doesn’t want marriage or kids from Nikki.

Hence, the tendency for marriage seems to be wide; the parallel seems to be stretched to infinity – Cena is obviously not bent towards marriage now or anytime soon. And while Nikki has said she wouldn’t want to be engaged for more than one year, Cena has remained mute like thingummy.

However, there is a note from wrestlezone that Nikki is contemplating quitting WWE on Total Divas show. Here’s what Nikki says:
“During their wedding, Rusev pushed Lana outside her comfort zone. Nicole gets an offer to go on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and wonders if she should quit WWE; Eva Marie pushes a healthier lifestyle on her father.”