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A WWE legend and Hall of Famer has been rushed to hospital after passing out and smashing her head.

The well known former diva wrestler, Tammy Lynn Sytch who popularly known as Sunny, revealed online that she’d been taken to hospital. She wrote on her Facebook account showing the picture of her that “Bloody head. In the ER. Passed out and fell.”

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The 44-year-old joined the WWE in 1994 just ahead of her husband, the wrestler Chris Candido added: “Still here. Still have the blood in my hair. They won’t let me shower because I’m pretty rocked and not steady.”

After leaving the WWE in 1998, she made occasional appearances before being inducted into its Hall of Fame in 2011. But Sytch has had her share of demons to battle since Candido died at the tragically young age of 33 in 2005.

However, she’s been in rehab a number of times and even jail, and has had various medical problems to deal with. Last year the former Diva appeared in a pornographic film, Sunny Side Up: In through the Backdoor.

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Recently she’s said on Facebook that “no one cares” about her and that her “heart is broken”.
Sunny managed the league of Doom 2000 in her final role before leaving WWE. She also shared photos of bruising on her legs, asking someone to collect her from the hospital. Ms Sytch’s emergency comes after the death of another former WWE Diva, Chyna from an overdose at age 46.

Tammy admitted feeling guilty after the death last year, saying she failed to get the iconic wrestler the help she needed.

WWE Diva Tammy Lynn Sytch hospitalized