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Jim Cornette and wife faceAs we noted earlier, an Indy wrestler accused Jim Cornette and his wife of asking wrestlers for sexual favours in return for Ohio Valley Wrestling contracts in the past. Jim Cornette and his wife are now subject to accusations of sexual misconduct, and it has nothing to do with anything Cornette said.



The victim claimed that this was done to multiple wrestlers by Cornette and his wife. Some others have also come forward to speak against Cornette.

Jim Cornette and Wife

Cornette took to Twitter earlier today to deny all allegations made against him and his wife.

Below is what he wrote:

Jim Cornette and wife smile

“Helpful hint: I have been told that when you’re faking screenshots of something that ‘happened’ years ago, you shouldn’t use the person’s profile picture that’s only been up a week and a half. It’s the little things, but that’s for attorneys to discuss.”

Cornette will respond to everything in detail on the next episode of Jim Cornette’s Experience, which will be recorded on Sunday.

Jim Cornette and Wife look

Jim Cornette and his wife are now subject to accusations of misconduct, and it has nothing to do with anything Cornette said.

An indie wrestler using the Twitter name @AKI_Evolution as now added to the #SpeakingOut movement breaking out on social media. So far today two WWE Superstars have been called out with allegations.

These new accusations against Jim Cornette and his wife Stacey start with the couple attempting “to groom” the accuser. The victim was allegedly approached via DM and also sent “lewd pictures.” Sample photos were uploaded in a later tweet which you can find below.

Jim Cornette

There were others who the couple allegedly targeted. They kept people in this unhealthy and controlling situation and things were very bad if someone wanted out. It is alleged that another man was with them in this situation for years. When he finally left they allegedly did several things to “terrorize him.”

“I made a very vague post yesterday about @TheJimCornette.

In the face of current events I feel the need to clarify and speak up.

During my first year in the business, his wife, Stacy, attempted to groom me.

She approached via DM, sent me lewd photos I never asked for, implied protection from the Kentucky commission (stating he was a family friend), and told me she WAS going to f*ck me, as if I didn’t have a choice.

Jim Cornette talk

My experience with them is tame compared to others, though.

When Jim was booking at OVW, if you wanted a contract or on his show, you HAD to perform sexual acts on his wife, many times with him watching. This has happened for many, MANY people.

A close friend of mine was groomed and basically brainwashed by them for YEARS. When he finally escaped, Stacy went to great lengths to not only terrorize him, but to actively try to have other wrestlers physically assault him.

I was one of them. She sent me pictures show tires of his he’s slashed, and bragging about setting him up to lose his job, his apartment, even his car.

All because he escaped an extremely toxic relationship and didn’t want anything to do with them.

Jim Cornette

Stacy bragged about being able to call the Kentucky commission to give him ‘targets’. He was a family friend, and if she wanted, she could turn his attention to anyone licensed in the state to potentially hurt, and sometimes even ruin their careers.

When he says ‘cult of cornette’, it’s because he has a history of taking advantage of greenhorns using his power and position as booker for OVW in order to fufill his and his wife’s sexual desires.

They used their place of power to hurt many, many people.

No one wants to speak up because of his position in wrestling, but this is EXTREMELY common knowledge among OVW alumni.

This will probably ruin a lot of opportunities in wrestling, and that’s fine, but make no mistake: Jim Cornette is trash. He and his wife have made power plays in order to hurt many, many people.

f*ck you Jim. f*ck you Stacy. You are scum.

Jim Cornette

I just feel like I betrayed the school that let me learn the craft of professional wrestling. OVW is the reason I turned my life around. And I feel like I’ve betrayed them. That’s how messed up wrestling can be.

My hands are shaking and I’m scared sh*tless over typing this.

If it was a man sending a woman unwanted nudes, telling them how they WERE going to f*ck them, and tried to get them to actively commit crimes to hurt others, no one would tell me ‘I don’t see anything wrong with this.’

I hated it and how it made me feel.”