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Jim Ross talks the Ultimate WarriorJim Ross detailed a particular meeting that had him lose all respect for The Ultimate Warrior. If there’s one thing we’re getting to know about Jim Ross, it’s his very strong dislike for The Ultimate Warrior.


The former superstar was a favorite among fans and, hopefully, he will be remembered for his impact on the wrestling industry. Yet he is not as fondly remembered by the folks who worked directly with him.

Ultimate WarriorJim Ross said Ultimate Warrior’s use of foul language during a meeting that included Linda McMahon made JR lose respect for him.

According to Jim Ross, The Ultimate Warrior was swearing in front of Linda McMahon and that was something he couldn’t stomach.

Jim Ross Says The Ultimate Warrior

Ross spoke about Warrior’s return in 1996 while on his Grilling JR podcast and doubled down on his lack of respect for the late performer. He claimed the coarse language used during the negotiation saw to him losing whatever respect he had for him.

JR claimed Warrior was very difficult to negotiate with and only wanted to speak to Vince McMahon. However, a contingent of McMahon, JR, Linda McMahon, Jim Cornette and Bruce Prichard flew to Arizona to meet with the then-star at his house.

Jim Ross says Ultimate Warrior Was Poison and Cancer In The WWF

“I never heard so much foul language…and look…we’re all guys sometimes, and you know, curse and the f-bombs and stuff but I try whenever I’m around somebody’s wife…different ball game man. It showed me this Son of a B***h had no respect for anybody, including women.”

The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back

Road Warriors Hawk and Animal, the Ultimate Warrior

Ross added that Linda was one of the nicest people he’s ever had a working relationship with and to hear The Ultimate Warrior swearing in front of her was the last straw.