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The Undertaker Vs John Cena match is definitely happening at WrestleMania 34 despite the fact that the WWE has been hanging the whole wrestling world in the air, keeping all in suspense.

But reports reaching us certainly spells it out that The Undertaker has been training for months for this very WrestleMania 34 match with John Cena.

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All shall be thrilled and dumbfounded to see The Deadman enter into the squared ring of New Orleans to man the fiance of Nikki Bella, John Cena who has been hysterically and growing in frustration over the Undertaker’s silence to his challenge.

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With more questions than answers in the current one-sided feud between Cena and The Undertaker, a new report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required and recommended) may clear a few things up.

Per the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter report:

“Cena vs. Undertaker has been planned for WrestleMania for months, and Undertaker has been training for the match. Undertaker will obviously be in New Orleans to confront Cena.

The last word we got, which was on 4/3, is that from Vince McMahon’s standpoint, the belief is that the audience knows he’s going to show up and this is the “story” that brings him back to “kick Cena’s ass.”

”They are also of the belief announcing Taker in advance won’t compel anyone to purchase the network, as anyone inclined is getting the network for the show anyway. This is Vince McMahon’s story and he seems very happy with it. I think part of it is that Vince McMahon can say, `people are invested in the mere chance Undertaker will show up!”’

If that means a match, or just a confrontation to build to a match next year, is hard to say, past that it was always scheduled as a match dating back several months.”

So the answer to the question on if The Undertaker even going to be at WrestleMania is “Yes”; The Undertaker has been training and working on himself after he left his gear in the ring after losing to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33. The Undertaker has been getting back into fighting shape for the past few months.

In theory an Undertaker vs. John Cena is now a secret menu item in the WWE cooking kitchen. We shall all see how it goes just few hours from now.