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In a recent report, another popular WWE Diva has disclosed her earnest desire to retire from professional wrestling for child bearing.

In a recent report, popular WWE Diva Brie Bella spared some time for UK’s Reveal Magazine where she talked about how badly she and her husband desires to have a kid. In that remark, she noted that the spirit of pregnancy rocks her and her beloved husband Daniel Bryan.

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Unequivocally she pointed out that she and Daniel Bryan are both ready for babies but the main challenge is how she would hang up her career. She battles with the thought ceaselessly and that the desire is already taking the better half of her thought but “you can’t wrestle and be pregnant”, she told the mag.

See what she stated below:

“I am so ready for motherhood. The hardest thing in our business is that, unfortunately, you can’t wrestle and be pregnant,” she said. “It’s this ongoing tug of war inside if I’m ready to hang up my boots and start trying.

Then she added that she and her boyfriend, Bryan are already baby sick. She said it with so much emotion that you could feel her urge, craving, yenning and dire desire for a child. See more of her comments below:

“Bryan and I have this crazy baby fever. We are so ready for it in our lives – especially considering how we are with our dog Josie – we’re so ready for a kid. You’re going to see me battle with it next series… It’s definitely around the corner, though!”

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