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Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle

I recently interviewed TNA Superstar Kurt Angle, who recently announced that he would not be re-signing with TNA after his contract expires early next year. Below is the second and final part of the interview, where Angle talked about leaving TNA and if his decision is final, if WWE is still an option, if he would want to wrestle Brock Lesnar again and more.
Angle will also be conducting a series of Q&A events in the U.K. this November as part of Triple M Promotions’ “The golden truth tour 2015: An audience with Kurt Angle” in six cities. Rob Maltman will conduct a 60 minute interview with Angle, which will be followed by a special Q and A with the audience.

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You had a great feud with the Undertaker. I always remember you coming out on a scooter to interrupt on of his promos.
“Yeah, I liked doing the comedy, it was a lot of fun. That’s back when I really had a good time. Vince put an end to it. He thought that fans needed to take me more seriously. I didn’t think they needed to take me more seriously, I was a Gold medalist. Vince wanted the comedy to be out. I didn’t agree, but I did what he said.”
Was there talk of you ending the streak at one point?
“Yeah, not that it was talked about by Vince McMahon. I was champion in 2006 and Undertaker approached me and said he wanted to face me at WrestleMania. Until then, Undertaker didn’t have a WrestleMania moment with a five star match. He thought he could have that with me, and he was considering possibly losing as long as he had that moment he wanted, and I don’t blame him. Vince said no way, and I agreed with Vince. I don’t think Undertaker should ever have lost at WrestleMania, I think he should have been undefeated forever. They made their choice, and if you’re going to do it with anybody, do it with Brock Lesnar, because he’s as legit as it gets. Me and Undertaker ended up having our match at No Way Out 2006. If you ever see that match, it was definitely a WrestleMania type of match.”
You’re heading to the UK in November. Will you also be wrestling for TNA in January?
“I’ll be in the UK January 29-31. Manchester, London, Birmingham for the UK tour. That will be my last tour before I take a break.”

Are you surprised that TNA didn’t try to become more UK-centric when their product was on shaky ground here in the states?

“Yeah. Obviously going over to the UK, we’ve had more success there than any other country. I believe it was talked about. I have no doubt that Dixie Carter wanted to go over more. I’d imagine it wasn’t in the budget to go over there more than once a year, and I understand that. It’s pretty expensive to go over there and shoot TV or pay-per-views. You have to spend a lot of money to do it. I’m not sure TNA has the funds to go over there multiple times. I wouldn’t mind doing a whole week in the UK where we do 12-14 TVs in that week, that would be a great idea, but you’re chancing a lot of injuries to the wrestlers doing two TVs a day for a week. It would be different to do it in the UK, you’re going to have 5,000 fans there. That’s always a plus.”
You’re doing a tour of Q&A’s in November for Triple M promotions. What can fans expect from those shows?
“I’m looking forward to it. I talked to Ric Flair and he had a blast doing it. This is the first time I’ve had fans interview me. You’re going to get great questions from the UK fans, it’s gonna be good. I believe we’re starting a trend. We’re doing this in the UK and I think a lot of other countries are going to ask to start doing these as well. Triple M promotions have started something that’s going to catch on pretty heavily.”

Have you done this type of event in the UK before?
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“No, never done a Q&A. This is my first time. It’s definitely going to be a special event. I’m expecting a lot of fans to show up. I know the fans didn’t disappoint in showing up to see Ric Flair, so I’m expecting them to do the same for me.”


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