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Hillary Clinton has come out once more to state that she will stop mat nothing in opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership if elected.

The Democratic candidate was speaking Thursday and she said, ““I oppose it now. I’ll oppose it after the election, and I’ll oppose it as president.”

While the Republican who during a rally in Kissimmee, Fla., said that Clinton’s opposition to the trade pact wasn’t sincere. “If she were ever in a position to approve it, she would approve it in two minutes.”

In line with the foregoing, Mrs. Clinton hammered Mr. Trump’s revamped tax policy as a regressive windfall for the wealthiest Americans, policies she said fused traditional Republican supply-side economics with “outlandish ‘Trumpian’ ideas that even Republicans reject.”

Mr. Trump, addressing the National Association of Home Builders in Miami Beach, Fla., earlier Thursday, said Mrs. Clinton’s attacks were an attempt to deflect attention from her proposals to raise taxes and maintain a suite of new regulations championed by Mr. Obama.

If Mrs. Clinton were to win the election, “enjoy your tax increase, folks,” he said. “It’s going to be four more years of Obama, but it’ll be worse.”