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According to PWInsider, John Cena will return to WWE programming and have his first match this forthcoming Monday Night RAW of 2015 which marks the end of RAW for this year. Cena would be facing Alberto Del Rio for United States Championship Title which he lost to the latter few months ago at Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.

Since then, Cena disappeared to film a movie, American Grit, a new reality-competition series for the FOX.

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While he was away, WWE experienced a downtime following the injuries that plagued most of their Superstars. Hence it was said that Cena left WWE at time which later turned out to be the most unfortunate and suitable time for the company.

The last time Cena was away for a reasonable period of time, WWE didn’t have much trouble because most of their Superstars were fit and good for action. However, upon his return, he had his first match against Del Rio and just again, he would be facing Del Rio on this Monday RAW. What an irony!

One of the most significant things about Cena is his strength and stamina which gives him the guts to throw an Open Challenge whenever he wins the United States Championship on Monday Night RAW. And just again, he may do it this Monday RAW if he eventually takes the Title from Del Rio.

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What Cena did the last time he got the title from Rusev was to declare an Open Challenge on any Superstar who believes he has what it takes to step into the ring and challenge him. He did that consistently on every Monday night and that was what fans cheered and talked on and on about.

He did that again on October Hell in a Cell but lost the title to one of his arch-opponent Alberto Del Rio who has held the title since then.

If Cena does win it again this Monday, he may likely win Royal Rumble which would usher him to WrestleMania 32 where he may likely face Roman Reigns or The Undertaker. Or he may lose at Royal Rumble and Brock Lesnar may win so that Lesnar could have a rematch from last year’s main event against Reigns at WrestleMania 32. In that case, Cena’s Open Challenge would have to be the tool WWE may use to bring in another talent that would make note in the future just as it was done on Kevin Owens’ case.

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