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Lex Luger and Miss ElizabethAs we noted before, In 2003, Miss Elizabeth died of an overdose caused by a mixture of drugs and alcohol inside the home that she shared with Lex Luger. While foul play was suspected, the death was ruled accidental, and no one was ever convicted of a murder.


Yeah, one of the darker facts that will always be remembered about Lex Luger is his relationship with Miss Elizabeth. After Macho Man and Elizabeth split, she and Luger became a real life couple, and were known to indulge in a number of vices.

Lex Luger on Miss Elizabeth death

The “First Lady Of Wrestling” Miss Elizabeth died due to acute toxicity as she mixed painkillers with Vodka.

Lex Luger was however, arrested and charge for a felony possession of drugs. A tragedy to the highest degree.

During her final days, she was living with former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Lex Luger. In a video posted online, Lex Luger talks about what exactly happened on that night that Miss Elizabeth died.

Lex Luger & Miss Elizabeth

Luger talked about watching a movie one night with Liz and Liz dosed up a couple of times. He then brought some food and Liz passed out while eating.

He thought it was weird and finally found out that she was unconscious. Luger then called 911.

Lex Luger greets

Luger said they were partying with alcohol and pills – painkillers and muscle relaxers. He acknowledged the fact that these pills are not supposed to be mixed with alcohol.

He thought that Liz would be fine but he was completely shocked when he came to know that Liz couldn’t make it.

Lex Luger and Miss Elizabeth

Luger talks about emotionally breaking down after hearing the sad news. Luger said he was on a second chance from his wife and he promised that he would never see Liz again but when this news broke out, Luger’s wife came to know that he was still seeing Liz. Luger’s wife filed for a divorce after that incident.


While foul play was suspected over the death of Miss Elizabeth, the death was ruled accidental, and Lex Luger was never convicted of a murder. Luger was however, arrested and charge for a felony possession of drugs. A tragedy to the highest degree.

Lex Luger Miss Elizabeth