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When considering the WWE landscape, there are a few names that stand out as defining the era. The women’s division is dominated by three names: Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey.

According to (h/t Robert Gunier of Wrestling Inc), The Baddest Woman on the Planet is on her way out in the coming months, leaving a hole at the top of the roster that needs to be filled. Those are big shoes to fill. Not every woman could so quickly become the third-biggest female star in WWE.

While it is fun to speculate about which Superstar will take that leap when the time comes, no hints have been laid about who is ready for the mantle. Journalist Dave Meltzer, as noted in the aforementioned report, believes it will be newcomer Lacey Evans.

This is barely a rumor to be considered at this point, and it sounds ridiculous on the surface. Evans has often struggled in her first few years as a wrestler, not making much of a splash in her entire time in NXT.

While she has improved in that time, she is still among the worst performers on the main roster. She needs time to develop, much like similar rushed call-ups, including Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan.

None of the women would likely accept her jumping the line in a division that has steadily grown more talented. She may be the last person on the main roster ready for that opportunity.

There are plenty of far better choices ready to take up the mantle Rousey seems set to vacate. Whether because of their in-ring ability, mic skills or star power, a few names stand out above the rest to be the one to sit alongside The Man and The Queen.

Alexa Bliss

Before Lynch found her voice and before Rousey even appeared in WWE for the first time in January 2018, there were two top women in WWE: Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss.

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Bliss might still be at the top if not for recent concussions limiting her time in the ring since she dropped the Raw Women’s Championship to The Baddest Woman on the Planet at SummerSlam.

However, she has frequently proved her worth when given the chance. While she is far outshone by many of WWE’s best wrestlers, no one outside of The Man can match her on the mic, and she is undeniably charismatic.

Few in the division or even in the business feel like a star whenever they come out in the way The Goddess does. Despite her injuries, WWE continued to rely on her, crafting segments such as Moment of Bliss just to keep her on the air.

She was once in a role similar to Evans, coming in with little experience but a wealth of potential, and she got overexposed. Now, though, she is ready for that spotlight.

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While she is not the perfect choice, few line up better for what WWE would be looking for in a star performer.

Nia Jax

No woman in WWE is more hated than Nia Jax. She carries heat that few others could hope to match. Some of that comes from sloppiness in the ring. Her errant punch to Lynch ruined the Survivor Series main event, and it was not the first time she had injured a competitor.

However, those botches have not defined her career. She has made a mark through her work on the mic and in the ring. She has miles to go to get to the top, but she has the right balance to stand out. Fans know her and openly react when she appears.

Is she ready to be among the elite of the division? Probably not. Does she deserve to be? Given her recent history, no. However, she makes a solid case because she stands out from the crowd. At 6’0″ and 272 pounds, she is the only woman who can match up with any man on the roster.

She may be the first woman in years to break down the intergender barrier. While Charlotte and Lynch can lead individual rosters, The Irresistible Force can be a headline attraction in two divisions.

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Few women have quite as high a ceiling for success as Jax. She just needs to learn from her mistakes, as she often is working with women half her size.

Sasha Banks

Only one woman in WWE has all the tools necessary to stand alongside The Man and The Queen. The third of the Four Horsewomen, Sasha Banks has often been considered the biggest star of the quartet. Even when she is barely featured, she is a marketing attraction.

She is heavily featured in WWE’s advertisements and sells merchandise more consistently than any other woman. Her charisma is off the charts, and her mic skills have always been good enough to spark any crowd.

The main problem is The Boss’ in-ring work. She is too reckless. While she puts on a show with just about everyone, she takes risks that have put her on the shelf at too many important moments in her career. She nearly missed Elimination Chamber.

An injury-prone label can kill even the most promising of careers, and it is the only thing holding Banks back. She is being protected by working with Bayley, who can do the brunt of the work and let The Boss be the hot tag who sparks the crowd.

If WWE trusts her enough to rely on her again, though, she is the natural choice to stand alongside Charlotte and Lynch atop the WWE mountain.


The Four Horsewomen of WWE were seen as the foundation of the Women’s Evolution, yet they were broken up when Bayley was left behind in NXT as the other three members debuted on Raw in 2015.

Bayley became the foundation of NXT alone, and she grew in her own right into the heart of the division. When she finally came up to the main roster, it was quickly made obvious The Hugger was not seen at the same level as her friends.

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While charismatic and a strong in-ring worker, she has never been allowed to take that next step. Her run at the top of WWE was short-lived, and she has since felt like a constantly necessary part of the roster without getting to stand out.

She and Sasha Banks won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships for a reason, as both are integral to the division, but neither seems to be allowed to take the spotlight. It’s a shame because Bayley has the potential to be a star young girls especially could look up to.

Her mic work may be limited, but she has star power and a gimmick that makes her stand out from the pack—plus she is consistently reliable with anyone in the ring.