Major Update: 3 Recent Releases WWE Should Bring Back Soon And 2 Banned Permanently

Despite the fact that professional wrestling has had a huge resurgence on the Independent or “Indie” scene the past few years, as always, the WWE is still arguably the end goal of most sports entertainers.

The WWE offers the largest platform for wrestlers to showcase their skills and further their name in the business, and along with that comes some hefty paychecks, providing a performer establishes themselves as a midcarder or main eventer.

Even for the lowest ranking Superstars, WWE still pays handsomely in the six figures per year range, hence why getting to WWE is so incredibly competitive or “cutthroat”.

Every year, the WWE releases or fires a couple Superstars to make room for new talent, and the reasons vary — sometimes wrestlers are released for their actions behind the scenes, where as other times WWE rids themselves of wrestlers who are no longer adding anything to the product.

However, just because a Superstar is released, that certainly doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the line for the wrestler, as the company is always willing to offer ex-WWE stars a second chance if they have added some kind of momentum to their career — with that being said, some wrestlers’ poor choices (the ones that got them released in the first place) has unfortunately placed them on the “banned for life” list in WWE. Today, we are going to be looking at 3 recent releases WWE will bring back soon, and 2 banned permanently…


#5 WWE Should Bring Emma Back Soon

WWE Women Star EmmaEmma unquestionably ranks among the most underutilized and underrated WWE women’s wrestlers in history, as the Aussie certainly could have just as easily been a top Superstar as she was a “stepping stone” or enhancement talent to the companies “chosen ones” such as Charlotte Flair, Paige and plenty others.

However, following her surprise and shock release from the WWE last year, Emma, real name Tenille Dashwood, has quickly established herself as a top indie wrestler like many fans had expected she would.

Emma was vastly underrated in WWE, and Tenille’s certainly not having any trouble finding bookings for shows. Perhaps it was a miscalculation on WWE’s part to release Emma when they did, but the door will undoubtedly be open for Emma if she desires to eventually return to the company in the near future.