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In case you missed the extremely violent outcome of the ambulance match between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman at WWE Great Balls of Fire, Roman Reigns broke out from behind the ambulance after losing the match and attacked Braun Strowman while he was celebrating his victory.

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A vicious Roman caught Strowman and threw him into the ambulance, seeking revenge. He then locked the doors of the vehicle from the outside before pulling the driver out of his seat and taking his place at the wheel. Reigns drove the emergency vehicle to the parking lot and to thew surprise of everyone watching, reversed the ambulance at full speed into a parked semi truck.

In the segment following the match, Kurt Angle was seen with Emergency Services who had to cut the door off of the ambulance and a bruised and bleeding Braun Strowman emerged from the wreckage. Strowman refused any immediate medical attention but it could be seen that he was bleeding heavily and could barely stand up.

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Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman, Fan demands Roman Reigns be arrested for attempted murder Following this incident at Great Balls of Fire, a concerned fan started a petition with a letter addressed to Kurt Angle and WWE saying with the intention of having Roman Reigns arrested on the count of attempted murder, clearly referring to the post-match segment with Strowman. The petition has a goal of 500 signatures and at the time of writing, it had just crossed 900 signatures.

Fan demands Roman Reigns be arrested for attempted murder on Braun Strowman,

Like most things in the WWE, not all of what we see are based on reality and though the fans are aware of the facts, they probably still wanted to troll the Superstar who calls himself the Big Dog of WWE.