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Florida Based Wrestler has been arrested for strangling his pregnant stepmother to death, can report authoritatively

A Florida based independent wrestler, 20 year-old Ian Magnus Anselmo has been arrested for allegedly attempting to strangle to death his pregnant stepmother.

Ian Magnus Anselmo, who had been training as part of the Team Vision Dojo since early 2018, made a call to 911 last week saying that he had murdered his stepmother, Sue Ellen Anselmo.

“I killed my mom, she’s dead,” Anselmo allegedly told the operator. “I strangled her.”

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The operator said it was difficult to understand Anselmo over the phone but that he mentioned having been in an argument with her before strangling her.

Police were dispatched and sent to the location of the call, which was a local cemetery in Eustis, Florida. Upon their arrival they discovered Ian Magnus Anselmo in the cemetery with blood covering his hands and clothing. Police also discovered his vehicle, where his stepmother Sue Ellen Anselmo was found alive in the trunk with a cord wrapped around her neck.

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Upon further inspection it was then discovered that Sue Ellen Anselmo was six-weeks pregnant. She was rushed to a nearby hospital and placed in critical condition. Anselmo, 39, was later declared dead at 2:04 p.m. by physicians at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

According to a report from The Daily Commercial, as a result of of Anselmo’s death, the Florida State Attorney’s Office is considering upgrading the charge to second-degree attempted murder.

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Assistant State Attorney Emily Curington, who is the prosecutor on the case said, “We’ll evaluate the case and make the appropriate filing decision.” She then added that the options range between murder and manslaughter. However, the final decision will be made once she has seen all of the information pertaining to the case.

Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends affected by this tragedy.

We will keep you updated as this story continues to unfold.