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Roman Reigns’ departure on WWE has been heavy on the company and fans alike, as no one can say for certain just when Reigns is coming back again or if he will eventually not come back again.

This past week on WWE Monday Night Raw, Roman Reigns opened the show in casual clothing, without his usual attire, or his comrades, i.e Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. You could tell by Reigns’ expressions, clothing, and mood that something was off.

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Reigns was conspicuously absent from the preceding week’s live events, which fueled the rumors that ‘The Big Dog’ was dealing with injury.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be much worse than injury as Reigns revealed that he was fighting with leukemia, a disease he was diagnosed with about eleven years ago, and because of this he had to relinquish his Universal title.

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His emotional announcement and address sent chills around the WWE Universe, and many fans in attendance were left crying. They showered him with applause, and with chants of ‘Thank You, Roman!’.

Fans are still unable to digest the fact that they won’t be seeing Reigns on television for a while, as Reigns has been a dedicated full-time performer who has laid it all on the line in the ring to entertain fans, even though many fans were sick of watching him (prior to his emotional announcement).

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Given the fact Reigns was the undisputed face of the WWE, and a focal point of the company, his extended absence will have a devastating impact on WWE.

WWE was forced to shuffle a majority of its major plans due to Reigns’ illness. Reigns was set to defend his Universal title at Crown Jewel against Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman. Now, The Beast and The Monster will battle at Crown Jewel to determine the new Universal Champion.

Owing to Reigns’ departure, WWE had to turn Elias and Braun Strowman babyface to fill in the massive void left by Reigns’ departure. Reigns was working as a top-tier babyface, and the only person who could possibly replace him in that spot will have to be Braun Strowman.

Many fans were expecting Dean Ambrose to turn on his Shield brethren, and although it was teased on numerous occasions in the past few weeks, no one was expecting it to happen so soon, and on such an emotional night.

WWE felt that it needed a main-event calibre rivalry to replace Reigns’ spot on the roster, and the biggest feud they could possibly do right now is Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose.

Love him or hate him, you have to admit that The Big Dog is truly a courageous, hardworking, and praiseworthy star who deserves some respect for all that he has done for the WWE. His aura and presence was such that his loss, even though its temporary, is a big one.

My prayers and thoughts go out to The Big Dog! Wishing you a speedy recovery, and hope to see you soon.