MAJOR UPDATE: Here’s Four (4) WWE Women John Cena Dated — See Which WWE Wrestler John Cena Is CURRENTLY Dating After Nikki Bella’s Split…

John Cena cheated on his spouse, dated Mickie James while Mickie James was married to someone else.

#4 Mickie James

Cena and Mickie both cheated on their spouses.

Yup, Mickie James was a key reason which led to the divorce of John Cena and Elizabeth Huberdeau. The recently-returned WWE Superstar allegedly hooked up with Cena back when he was still married to Huberdeau.

This shocking revelation came by the way of the man Mickie was married to at the time of the affair, Ken Doane. This would eventually lead to Mickie’s termination from the WWE in order to protect Cena’s image.

It’s still a little startling to see that the WWE have brought the 5-time WWE Women’s Champion back into the fold despite her fling with the 16-time World Champion, but with her now being married to fellow wrestler, Magnus, and Cena’s long-term commitment to Nikki Bella, perhaps the WWE feels that it is safe to do so now.