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There can be no moment in the WWE without a talk on heroes of the company. Not only the company alone knows someone is missing, AJ styles really also feels the vacuum left in the company by the retired legend cannot be easily replaced.

In a recent interview with our newsmen, AJ Styles cannot but shower praises on the deadman as a powerful professional wrestler to be reckoned with.

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In case you forgot, Mark Calaway popularly known as The Undertaker made his way into professional wrestling back in 1984 and gained a worldwide popularity with the WWE in 1990.

The phenom as popularly called took on Roman Reigns event at Wrestlemania 33 losing to him before he bid the ring a farewell. The Undertaker historically broke his deadman character by giving his wife (former WWE Superstar Michelle McCool) a romantic kiss where she stood by the ringside.

Fans found it hard to believe the fact that the Undetaker was really going on retirement and the case is not different with Current WWE Superstar AJ Styles who stated that:

“Is he gone? I don’t know, but you would assume. I think there were some tears from the fans that were probably (assuming) they may have seen the last of The Undertaker. At the end of the day, if he’s done, I respect the heck out of him for doing it his way and doing what he wanted to do in his last match. He is everything to the WWE and I’m thankful I had the opportunity meet him and have a great conversation with him.

He’s a great guy, and if he’s gone and that was the last one, he will be missed.”
Explained further that he was not able to meet the Undertaker ono-on-one but got to know him through a friend saying that gives him a bond with The Deadman.

#ThankYouTaker for The WWE will forever remember you!