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The Tuesday’s sitting of the senators lead by Senator Bukola Saraki with Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu endorsed the decision of the FG to cut down the fuel price at N145 per litre and in the same vein huge the FG to implement the calms for the hike in fuel price.

Deputy President of the Senate, Ike Ekweremadu who spoke from the Executive session of the Senate huge the FG to agree with the Labour Union so as to put a stop to the threatened strike.
Ekweremadu speaking said he felt bad for Nigerians for the damage the fuel price might have caused them and will cause and he called on the government to implement the calming.

Ekweremadu said that the Senate sympathized with Nigerians for the hardship which the new prices of petrol will cause and called on the government to implement the palliatives.

He added that the Senate will bring the FG to terms on how to find sustainable way to improve the welfare of the people of Nigeria and now call on the government to resolve issues with the Labour so as to avoid shutting down the Nations system and avoid invoking more hardship on ordinary Nigerians, and that Calming measures should be implemented immediately.