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Top NBA Champion, shooting guard and small forward has expressed his emotion as touching the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame award.

Sources have reported that, Tracy McGrady has confessed that his sweetheart Rebecca Lobo is an eye opener for him to see that it’s high time the NBA honored him with the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame award.

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Many have started seeing this reaction as a cheap way of begging for honour and popularity as some say honor is to be earned and not to be begged for.

But if the nail is to be hit on the head in term of popularity in the NBA world, McGrady is a force to be reckon with, recall that he mounted the podium during his induction which triggered a noise of praise from the crowd and left them chanting ‘T Mac’, that was when his 15th year on the league was celebrated.

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In his response to the chanting crowd, McGrady said:

”On this day, I can finally say, ‘Yes I deserve to be here,” he cried ”I am truly humbled. I’m grateful and proud to be in the class of 2017.”

McGrady during his chat with newsmen accused the impact of Hurricane Harvey on his family and neighbors in Texas of tampering with his celebration.

His estate in Sugar Land, Texas, suffered only minor damage from the storm, allowing him and his wife to take in the families of five relatives and friends for three days after mandatory evacuations. He also put on a Labor Day feast at a church in the Houston area for about 800 victims of the storm. He lamented, saying:

”My sister was at the house, and I was trying to take her home and driving to her house. Just seeing cars under water and you don’t know if people are in there — it’s real,” he told reporters. ”I’m being as vocal and proactive as I can.”

”If basketball can be a showcase for non-discrimination, for integration, for performance-based emotions, why can’t we do that over in every part of our society?” he asked