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The case at hand now for the WWE Legend Ric Flair is a talk of town and a kind which no man in the whole universe would want to miss. It is going to be really crazy.

It has been revealed that apart from the Wrestling career, Ric Flair is also a good actor. He has appeared in different films like The Book of Manning and I Hate Christian Laettner. Now, the director of this excellent work Rory Karpf has revealed that Flair’s new project will soon be out and it is titled The Nature Boy.

Rory Karpf discussed more about Ric Flair’s personality when he said, “In the wrestling world, the viewer isn’t sure what’s real or what isn’t, but ‘Nature Boy’–Ric Flair wasn’t just a character. He was real. The wrestler he portrayed in the ring was also the man he was outside the ring. I found that to be fascinating. He’s led a crazy life that’s a natural for a 30 for 30. Plus I just love pro wrestling.”

The question now would be, what will the movie be all about? See what Ric Flair says, “Hopefully they’ll have an emotional, visceral reaction. I think this is a film where the viewer can laugh, cry and hopefully ‘Woooooo!’ I try to make my films accessible for everyone, so my ultimate goal is to make a film enjoyable for wrestling and non-wrestling fans alike.”