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According to report the secretary of the U.S. Navy said that the Navy has however granted the Baltimore Ravens’ a sixth-round draft pick go-ahead to play this very season.

Ravens’ vividly stated in his request to the secretary of Defense that Reynolds is granted the permission to play but it is necessary that the U.S secretary of Defense send a final approval for the approval clearance to be official.

Also Joe Cardona has been granted permission to play from the Navy. One of the requirements for Athletes is to complete active duty military service immediately after graduation for Athletes from Navy, Army and Air force Academies which is the major reason permission is required and in exchange for five years Navy requested tuition, room and board, medical and dental care cost.

Though he’ll likely find a place as a running back or wideout in Baltimore Reynolds set another record for touchdown scoring (88 rushing/receiving and 31 passing). He has joined the list at a cruiser time as he will be competing with the like of Breshad Perriman, Marlon Brown and Chris Moore for playing time. Kamar Aiken, Steve Smith and Mike Wallace proposed as starters.