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A source that is familiar with the deal reported that the Los Angeles Rams just signed the third year defensive tackle into a 1 year deal, Dominique Easley just found a new NFL home after been released by the Patriots a month ago surprisingly to many league observers.

Report has it that the Patriots still owe Easley more than a million in guaranteed money for this year though injuries had not allow Easley end his first two NFL seasons well after he had demolished ACLs in college and became New England ‘s most disruptive pass while he was healthy.

On the other hands Easley decided to opt out due to his own idealistic view of the organization’s injury program, according to CSN New England’s Tom Curran.

This effective first-round talent with durability and attitude concerns but the Major question is may be Easley will be able to open up the season with his new team after he teared his quadriceps in December.