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Quarterback of the Cardinals who has just arrived at the Arizona’s organized team activities says he came with one goal “I enjoy working to prove doubters wrong”.

Carson said some of the doubters have tagged him and though he will never win championships, but it doesn’t really bother him as that’s what he enjoys dong most proving doubters wrong.

Palmer added that playing quarterback in the NFL and winning the SupperBowl is an incredible challenge, he said he love it that way and that’s why he is still playing “I strive for It” and with all this you get addicted.

Even though Palmer went for a season-ending knee surgery in 2014, he was still in charge as a legitimate MVP candidate before the post season implosion, let say Father Time cooperates there nothing that says Palmer shouldn’t find a flow again. If Palmer continues in this might there is tendency that the Cardinals will be a major competitor for the NFC Championship Game and who knows they may just be a step beyond.