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Apparently, the Browns could just be the best teams in the NFL this off-season with good reasons. The fan fest was held on Saturday at Cleveland which is the updates on ton of moving pieces with Robert Griffin III.

The VP of football operations Sashi Brown who was speaking said the plan is for Robert to come into the team and solidifies it to make it better since he is one player that has been needed a long time ago.

He said, “It will be too early to conclude on him now, all that is needed is that he should just show up in the team, do his job known for and lead the team’s offense in a manner that is going to be successful in the division and definitely in a Super Bowl.”

Brown said Robert Griffin could actually be more than just a “bridge” to either 2016 rookie Cody Kessler or whomever the Browns think is their long-term answer since quarterback. The 26 year old former No.2 overall pick with offensive rookie of the year award under his belt is an hope apparently nothing is guaranteed but Griffin probably has more wishes and advantages attached to him than any other option the Browns had in their draft has option in the coming 2017.