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Mettenberger rumor a player for release after playing second fiddle to Marcus Mariota last season just after the signing of veteran Matt Cassel to a year deal in March the rumor is now true.

This is a quick free fall for a player once seen by the club as “a poor man’s Tom Brady” Mettenberger, the new administration actually saw nothing big but was chosen by the former manager of Tennessee’s general manager/coach after Mariota was taken with the No.2 overall pick in 2015 the former LSU star swiftly became an afterthought.

He was inconsistency after his second season he’s 6-foot-5 and 224 pounds, Mettenberger, 24 sports a big arm and classical size. Before Mettenberger, was eventually yanked for Alex Tanney he turned the ball over in big spots.

And that is the major reason that Cassel is about saving the day even if Mariota again falls to injury, in Dallas last season the matured professional was a mess who offered little or no inspiration at this stage of his career and Mettenberger will find another job before it too long.