NWA Champion Nick Aldis fires back at WWE creative director Bruce Prichard — Nick Aldis issues official statement

NWA Champ Nick AldisNWA Champion Nick Aldis took issue with WWE creative director Bruce Prichard’s critical comments on a recent episode of “Something To Wrestle With” regarding his work in TNA.


Aldis claimed on the Busted Open satellite radio show that he spoke with Prichard about the comments, and Prichard claimed that he was referring to his time as Magnus rather than his current run in the NWA. Aldis went on to write tweets (read below) in which he accused Prichard of attempting to “deliberately devalue someone and their ability to make a living.”



NOTE: Aldis has done terrific work as the NWA Champion. It’s a shame that Prichard apparently hasn’t been paying attention to it. The tricky part in all of this is that Aldis’s wife Mickie James is employed by WWE. Hopefully none of this blows back on her.

A quick note on this whole Bruce Prichard thing: I don’t like online feuds and being “controversial” or “outspoken”, and this isn’t about some guy with a podcast criticizing me (lord knows I’ve had that before) it’s the executive director of the market leader of my industry…

Nick Aldis

I don’t need Bruce to be a fan of me or expect him to have kept up with my stuff but because he hasn’t, but if that’s the case just keep my name out of his mouth. Don’t try to deliberately devalue someone and their ability to make a living.

Nick Aldis tweets

“He just exposed the fact that he hasn’t been paying attention to anything that’s been going on.” 😲@RealNickAldis discusses with @davidlagreca1 & @bullyray5150 the comments made about him from Bruce Prichard