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Jim Cornette is still not someone you want to rub the wrong way. This is especially true if you catch him in a mood to tweet about it.

Jim Cornette

Former wrestling podcaster Matt Koon recently spoke out about Jim Cornette. Apparently, Cornette said something about hoping Orange Cassidy would trip on the ropes and break his neck.

Jim Cornette talk


Publicly hoping that a wrestler catches his feet on the ropes on a dive and break his neck goes beyond “opinions.”
I get Jim doesn’t like Orange, and his fan$ love his rants, but in an industry where people get legitimately seriously injured as described, this is unnacceptable.


Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette saw this unprovoked tweet in his direction and he responded in swift order.

Cornette stated that he’s blocking Matt Koon for the betterment of all parties involved. This was followed by an advisement to “keep my name out of you dicklicker.”

Jim Cornette smile


Koon, I’ve ignored & blocked you & I’m willing to forget your flabby ass exists for the good of both of us, but you need to do your part for YOUR own good and keep my name out of your dicklicker & off your twitter. I know you’re not real bright but I hope you get this, simpleton.


jim cornette speak

Jim Cornette seems to always find himself in the middle of controversy, no matter what he’s doing. We’ll have to see what he might say next to spark a new outrage movement in the IWC, but it might not take long.

Jim Cornette