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Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs In Terrible Medical SituationWWE legend and Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs is in a terrible medial situation and is in need of help. Brian Knobbs is suffering from a terrible infection in his knee that will call for a total replacement. The Go Fund Me can be found here if you’re interested in donating.


The description on the account is as follows:

Tugboat, Jimmy Hart, Jerry Sags, Brian Knobbs

Tugboat, Jimmy Hart, Jerry Sags, Brian Knobbs

Life can sometimes take a pretty big Heel Turn. An example of that has hit my good friend and Wrestling Legend Brian “Nasty Boy” Knobs. Health issues are common in this industry and Brian has endured many, all with his positive attitude and “nasty” smile.

But recently he has suffered a debilitating infection in his knee calling for a total knee replacement. With little insurance to cover his most basic health needs, Brian is now facing major struggles to cover the minimal everyday costs like rent, food, and a means to get around. He is literally facing a three count.

The Nasty Boys

The Nasty Boys

His wife has been suffering her own health issues for years now and depends on Brian’s income from independent shows and conventions – jobs he can’t do in his current status.

Brian has helped so many people throughout the years and is a very prideful guy, but his back is against the wall and until he can regain his health and continue to work, he is very low on options. It could be months before he could be back in action. Brian doesn’t want to ask for help, but he could use a tag at this time.

Brian Knobbs WCW Hardcore Champion

I humbly ask all his family, friends, and fans to donate anything you can to help Brian as he goes through this trying time. As we know, this could be any one of us at any time. All donations will go directly to Brian, and I know he’ll appreciate any help you can give.

Thank you!

Hopefully, everything goes well in this situation. We are certainly sending our best right here at wrestling news plus.