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Few hours ago, death visited WWE again, this time it’s coldest hand fell of the oldest WWE Cruiserweight Champion in history.

According to multiple sources, Hall of Famer passed away at the age of 68.

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After the announcement, questions went up air as to what caused the death of the 68 old year legend. Even at this, there have been lots of anticipations by fans for getting the answer to this big question but it seemed that no words have been released yet.

However, he was diagnosed with Liver Cancer in early January of this year and chances are that, he died as a result of the ailment.

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Today the world lost a true rebel. He did things “HIS” way. Not always right, not always wrong, but He always followed what he believed in. He was diagnosed with Liver Cancer in early January of this year.

WWE legend Chavo Guerrero, Sr passes away at the age of 68. Guerrero was a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion and was the older brother of WWE Hall of Famer, Eddie Guerrero, as well as the father of former WWE and Lucha Underground star, Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

The news of the death of this legend was indeed a shock to many who were very familiar to him when he lived.

In case you didn’t know:

Chavo Classic, as he was known, last appeared in professional wrestling on Lucha Underground in 2016. He interfered in the “Loser Leaves Lucha,” match between Rey Mysterio and his son. He may be best known for his time with WWE in 2004 when he became the oldest WWE Cruiserweight Champion in history.

That stated, entertainment was part and parcel of the life of Guerrero. He was always doing the entertainment thing in anything he partook of. We send out our deepest condolences to the Guerrero family, colleagues and friends of the deceased; rest in peace, pal.