Official Notice: WWE SmackDown Live GM Paige’s Uncle Sadly Passed Away — See Shocking Details Of His Death

SmackDown Live General Manger Paige has lost a family member and she is now down and broken…

WWE Divas Champion has just lost a dear member of her family; and it makes a whole heart to break.

While Former WWE Divas Champion Paige struggles with her WWE return, it is fitting to say that so much eats her up her from under.

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Of recent, her one time lovely relationship with Alberto El Patron is now turning sour with reports from every corner suggesting that the couple could be heading for a breakup.

How did that happen?

The 23-year old WWE star revealed that she reacted the way she did because she lost a dear member of her family which affected her general composure and profile.

Paige said the anguish she felt due to the death of her uncle and also the anxiety of the fact that she may not be permitted to return to the WWE made her reacted in the manner she did to her dear love, Alberto Del Rio.

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When words came forth, reports say that Alberto said something rude to Paige which caused Paige to overreact and throw her drink at El Patron. Hence, both of them began exchanging words in the public, which later on resulted to the Police getting involved.

Reports also included that both were said to have regretted their actions, and they both thought of it as a fight in public normal people have.

As for Paige’s family’s response to the incident, the couple said her family only read “the BS” on the internet that was being reported about them, so they were simply concerned with Paige’s safety. Paige added everything is “fine” with her family now, besides the fact that they are upset because her uncle passed away yesterday. El Patron added that he understood why Paige’s family was worried about her because they reacted to everything they read on the internet.