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Who impregnated former WWE Divas Champion? This is one question the WWE Universe would not asked as everyone knows she is married to Rener Gracie and their marriage is about four years old now.

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A few years ago former WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres parted ways with WWE, but she’s had plenty to keep her busy since her departure.

Torres married Rener Gracie back in 2014, and she later gave birth to their first child Raeven Gracie in September of 2015. Now it looks like Raeven is going to be a big brother, as Eve Torres has announced that she’s pregnant again.

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Eve posted a video on her Instagram account demonstrating ways to avoid creepy hugs, and at the end of the video she made the announcement then demonstrated ways to prevent people from touching a pregnant belly.

You can check out the post below;

One report has it like this: former WWE Diva Eve Torres is pregnant again. Torres made the announcement with her husband on Tuesday night at the end of this Instagram video titled ‘Creepy Hug Defenses For Every Woman’.

evetorresgracie, VOLUME UP!Unwanted hugs are something most women dread dealing with. The most important defense is knowing that we have the right to refuse them. Here are some ways to make sure we only hug on our terms. PS make sure to watch until the end for a big announcement! @renergracie
Tag a girlfriend who knows these hugs all too well. #WomenEmpowered