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It is so sad to announce the death of another famous and agile wrestler, it is indeed a pity. According to reports, the WWWF tag team champion Dan Miller has ceased to exist on earth; this is to say that he is dead and gone forever.

As reported by, Dan Miller has been in the home of dying for long, he has been seriously ill suffering from cancer and unfortunately, Dan passes away at the old age of 84. The report stated that Dan died the day after his 84th birthday. Oh! May his soul rest in peace!

More so, it is revealed that Dan was the WWWF tag team champion; he got the title by defeating Bill Watts & Gorilla Monsoon with the help of his brother Big Bill Miller in 1965. Even though Dan is dead, his legacy still lives on.

Furthermore, Dan held lots of titles and that is why he will continue to reign as a champion even at his death. Rest in peace Dan, we will miss you.