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Rest in peace; our deepest condolences go to family and friends!

According to F4W Online, another pro wrestler has passed away at the age of 68. He passed away after losing his second battle with cancer.

The decease, Dennis Stamp may not be known by a number of wrestling fans but if you ever watched the mainstream film on professional wrestling, Beyond The Mat, Dennis Stamp was sort of the unintentional star of that film.

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While death came rather too soon, worthy to note is that Stamp was outstanding in amateur wrestling during his high school and college years.

After college, Stamp came into the AWA and was named the 1971 AWA Rookie of the Year. He is most well known in wrestling circles for his time in the Amarillo territory. He also worked as an enhancement talent several times for the WWF and the AWA.

Stamp’s claim to fame may be his appearance in Beyond the Mat. Stamp was aspiring to get booked on Terry Funk’s retirement show in 1997 in Amarillo, Texas. He ended up getting booked to referee Funk’s, “retirement match,” against then WWF Champion, Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

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Stamp attained somewhat of a cult following based on his part in the film, including a short video clip of him training in the event that he gets booked for a show, along with the phrase, “I’m not booked.”

Dennis Stamp was a meme before most of the world even realized what a meme was. We wish Mr. Stamp’s family our deepest sympathies and condolences at a time such as this.

Many notable names reacted to the news: