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Death has visits the family of Roman Reigns (Anoa’i) again and this time, tye WWE Universe is heavily worried about it.

Roman Reigns, real name, Leati Joseph “Joe” Anoaʻi has been out owing to health challenge and now, it seems the table has turned upside down once more.

As most of you have heard Matthew Anoa’i (aka Rosey of 3 Minute Warning) passed away last Monday at age 47. What may not be commonly known is that Rosey was the older brother of former WWE Champion Roman Reigns.

Now, Roman Reigns was off WWE TV after announcing leukemia diagnosis – He relinquished his belt and walked away from from the company to allow him time off to grieve – but he just recently made his first comments on his brother’s passing to

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Anoa`i first came to WWE as part of 3 Minute Warning, Eric Bischoff’s enforcers along with the future Umaga. Following the team’s break-up, he was part of an angle with Shane Helms during Helms’s “Hurricane” gimmick. Rosey was Hurricane’s sidekick, also known as a “Super Hero In Training” (you can put together the initials, we won’t do it for you).

Helms had this to say when hearing about Anoa`i’s passing:

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One person who hasn’t commented on Rosey’s passing is his brother, Roman Reigns. At least until now.

When it came to how his family has reacted to his brother’s death, Reigns had this to say:

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Right now, it’s one of those situations where it’s a lot of mixed feelings. When you live in a big family, it’s always great to be able to come together, but to have to come together to send off a brother — and not only was he my brother, but in our family, even when you’re cousins, we’re all so close that we feel like brothers

In regards to his relationship with his brother:

He was my number one fan. He never missed a match, he never missed anything I did in the ring, he always had great advice for me and always reached out to talk.