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WWE Diva reported to be seriously injured

Another injury has been reported just recently. Injuries have been recorded all this while and now it has been reported that a well known popular Diva has been victimized. Just few days after Naomi was announced to be injured, Emma joined the league.

According to reports, the WWE Diva Emma was reported to be seriously injured and would need a surgery. This injury did occur during a live event and it was very serious. The reports received stated that Emma has a ruptured disc that will require her to have surgery.

In confirmation to how severe the injury is, Chris Robinson who is the WWE doctor said, “She came to us in a great deal of pain, which seemed to be increasing. She was then given an M.R.I., which revealed that further action would need to be taken.”

Emma is away now from the company and it has not truly been revealed as to the number of days she would be off ring because of the kind of injury which befell her. Emma is a renowned star in the company. Reacting to Emma’s injury, a fellow wrestler, Summer Rae posted this on Twitter: