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The game is finally set to an end for professional wrestling legend Kurt Angle as he talks about coming back from where he began from: WWE. Yes, he’s almost shutting the door, but don’t tell him I reported so.

Nearly a decade ago, precisely in 2006, “The Wrestling Machine” left WWE on health ground vis-à-vis the WWE’s exhausting travel schedule which was unfit for him. He signed in for TNA soon afterwards while WWE CEO, Vince McMahon was still hoping he would return after a while but dream never came through at least for the last ten years.

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But with recent development, Angle has unequivocally stated that he has interest to make his way back to WWE where he would love to face former WWE World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan.

Angle was speaking in an interview with Digital Spy and he described Daniel Bryan as the best wrestler he’s ever known as well as drawing a line of comparison between Bryan and AJ Styles. He also expressly stated that Bryan would be back to WWE someday.

“Daniel Bryan is my pick. He always will be, I really believe he’ll be back. Right now, pound for pound, he’s the best wrestler on the planet. He reminds me a lot of AJ Styles – there’s a kid who doesn’t get credit either – he’s one of the top three right now in wrestling, Daniel Bryan. I’ve had my eye on him for years.”

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Well, we hope he does have the chance to do that owing to the fact that Bryan is already considering leaving WWE if the company fails to grant his wish to return to the ring. He may therefore sign in for TNA or Global Force Wrestling making it even more likely for Angle to wrestle him should WWE fails to clear both of them to be in the company at the same time.

Angle additionally said:

“It was like when I was in WWE. I’m happy, I’m having all these wonderful matches, but that young kid over in TNA, that AJ Styles, I’d love to get my hands on him. Eventually I did. That’s how I feel about Daniel Bryan. It’s going to happen. Whether it’s in WWE or TNA or independently – we’ll book it and make it happen somehow.”