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Becky Lynch approaches Charlotte and Flair backstage about how she won. Charlotte brushes it off and tells her to come party but Becky doesn’t seem interested.

TLC Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title: Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus

We go to the ring and out first comes WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus. Roman Reigns is out next through the crowd as we see tables, ladders and chairs all around the ring.

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Sheamus runs into a huge right hand to start and a bruise starts developing on his face. They end up on the floor early and Reigns backdrops Sheamus over the barrier. Sheamus comes back with a big forearm. Reigns with a clothesline on the floor. Reigns takes the top of the announce table and bridges a ladder from the announce table to the apron. Sheamus comes with chair shots to the back. Sheamus keeps control and brings Reigns in the ring. He leans a table up on the ropes and scoops Reigns but Reigns fights back. Reigns clotheslines Sheamus over the top and they both hit the floor. Reigns slams Sheamus int a ladder and beats him up the entrance way, throwing him into more weapons. Reigns tosses Sheamus into a big group of tables, ladders and chairs.

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Reigns looks to powerbomb Sheamus through a table at ringside but Sheamus backdrops him through it. Sheamus slams Reigns through another table. They come back in the ring with a ladder but end back up on the floor. Sheamus throws a big ladder into Reigns’ face. Sheamus uses the steps now after more punishment at ringside. Reigns turns it around and sends Sheamus into the steps. Reigns goes for a Drive By but Sheamus nails him in mid-air. Sheamus with chair shots. Sheamus with an uppercut. He picks Reigns up and walks on top of the steps. Sheamus nails a White Noise from the steps through a table.

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They come back in and Sheamus nails Reigns with a ladder again. Sheamus kicks Reigns and yells at him to get up. Reigns sits up on his knees and Sheamus mushes him. Fans were chanting for John Cena earlier and now it sounds like they’re chanting for Daniel Bryan. Reigns ends up countering Sheamus and powerbombing him on a ladder with one arm. More back and forth outside. Reigns goes for a Superman punch in the ring but Sheamus catches him and hits an Irish Curse backbreaker. Fans are chanting for NXT now it sounds like. Sheamus with forearms on the apron as we see the title hanging high above the ring.

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Reigns counters on the apron and drives Sheamus and himself through the ladder bridge that was set up on the announce table and the apron earlier. The ladder breaks in half. Reigns finally gets to his feet and stands a ladder up in the ring as fans boo. Referees are still checking on Sheamus. Reigns climbs up and reaches for the title but Sheamus pulls him down. Sheamus climbs up for the title but he also gets pulled down. Reigns climbs again.

More back and forth at the foot of the ladder. Reigns nails a Superman punch and Sheamus goes down. Reigns climbs up but Sheamus manages to tip the ladder and Reigns falls over with it. Sheamus climbs up and gets his hand on the title but Reigns comes up the other side and nails a Superman punch. Sheamus flies off the ladder and his head hits a table. Reigns gets hype and climbs up for the title. He gets close but Rusev and Alberto Del Rio pull him down. He fights them both off and mounts Rusev with right hands. Del Rio with a superkick and Reigns is out. Rusev puts The Accolade on Reigns on the floor while Del Rio wakes Sheamus up. Reigns fights out and hits a Superman punch on Rusev. Del Rio nails Reigns from behind but Reigns hits him with a Superman punch also. Sheamus is close to the title but in comes Reigns. Reigns pulls him down but Sheamus nails a Brogue Kick and Reigns goes to the floor.

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Sheamus slowly climbs up and can’t believe it when Reigns makes it back into the ring. Reigns is at the foot of the ladder as Sheamus grabs the title for the win.

Winner: Sheamus

– After the bell, Rusev and Del Rio come in to celebrate with Sheamus as we go to replays. Rusev and Del Rio raise Sheamus on their shoulders as he clutches the WWE World Heavyweight Title. They turn around as Reigns enters the ring and spears all three of them at the same time. Reigns isn’t happy as he brings a chair in the ring and starts beating on Sheamus, Rusev and Del Rio. He clears the ring and unloads on Sheamus with the chair. Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and WWE referees come out to warn Reigns to drop the chair and go to the back. Triple H gets on the apron and Reigns finally drops the chair. Triple H comes in to check on Sheamus in the corner. Reigns paces around. Triple H asks what’s wrong with him. Triple has more words for Reigns before checking on Sheamus again. Reigns stares him down and nods. Triple H turns around to a big Superman punch from Reigns.

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Reigns grabs the chair and unloads on Triple H with it as Stephanie screams. Referees try to calm Reigns but he’s not having it. He takes apart the Spanish announce table. Stephanie confronts him but he grabs Triple H and slams him into the regular announce table. Reigns continues beating Triple H around and powerbombs him onto the Spanish announce table but it doesn’t break. Stephanie begs Reigns as officials warn him. Reigns stands on top of the regular announce table and drops a huge elbow on Triple H and the Spanish announce table, breaking it this time. Stephanie checks on Triple H and screams for a doctor as Reigns paces around the ring. A “thank you Roman” chant starts and Reigns smiles as he makes his exit. Officials are helping Triple H out. Reigns stops on the ramp and runs back to ringside, spearing Triple H into the floor. They check on Triple H as he’s face down and Reigns makes his exit. Reigns stops and poses on the stage as TLC goes off the air.


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