Renee Young says Stone Cold Steve Austin Checked On Her After Testing COVID-19 Positive — Steve Austin responds

Renee Young recently recalled the time when Stone Cold Steve Austin acted like a true gentleman and checked on her when she was down with COVID-19.


On the WWE SummerSlam 2020 Kickoff Show, long-time WWE announcer Renee Young confirmed that she will be leaving the mega promotion soon.

During her almost 8-year long WWE career, Renee Young broke many barriers as a host, interviewer & commentator and established herself as one of the best non-wrestling performers in WWE.

Steve AustinIn the company, Renee Young worked with many superstars and legends, including WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin with whom she has had a friendly relation so far.

Recently, Renee Young shared a lengthy statement on The Players’ Tribune, where she paid tribute to numerous WWE superstars and legends.

While writing about Stone Cold Steve Austin on the open letter, Renee Young recalled the time ‘The Texas Rattlesnake’ acted like a true gentleman and checked on her when she was down with COVID-19.

Renee Young WWERenee Young stated that after she contracted the terrible disease, used to feel terrible and stay in the bed most of the time. She added that one day, her phone buzzed and when she checked, Stone Cold Steve Austin’s name flashed on the screen. She claimed that she was surprised at first, but liked talking to the Hall of Famer.

“I pick it up. And I’m like, “Umm….. hello, Mr….. sir?” “HEY KID, IT’S STEVE HERE. JUST WANTED TO MAKE SURE YOU’RE ALRIGHT. WANTED TO CALL ABOUT WHAT YOUR SYMPTOMS ARE LIKE, SEE WHAT’S WHAT. KNOW YOU’RE STAYING TOUGH.” Oh, right, OK, for sure. It’s just Stone Cold Steve Austin — checking in. He wants to see how my COVID is doing. Totally normal!!”

Renee Young kiss Dean AmbroseRenee Young – real name Renee Jane Paquette – joined WWE in October 2012, making her first WWE TV debut as a co-host on the 2012 Survivor Series pre-show alongside Scott Stanford.

Soon, Renee Young started working on WWE NXT as a backstage interviewer, before making her SmackDown debut where she interviewed legends like Randy Orton, Big Show and Sheamus.

Renee Young then started co-hosting the World Tour segments, before becoming the main presenter on the JBL and Cole Show.