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Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair has been in a rival for a fairly long time and it is revealed that WWE is not done with the divas yet.

Recently, Mick Foley was interrogated on why he is promoting just Banks and Flair while there are other divas in the brand that needs to go for a title match. Foley gave an excuse that was not even touching; he said that he wouldn’t want all the divas to come out at a time.

While Sasha Banks will face Charlotte Flair in a thirty-minute Iron Man match at Roadblock, that wasn’t the competitors’ first choice for a stipulation. According to sources, Flair and Banks originally wanted a Ladder Match at the PPV.

WWE officials were also talking about the two potentially having a Steel Cage match. Anyway, Roadblock come up on December 18th in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and we are all expecting to see the other sides of all the superstars scheduled for the event.