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The Road WarriorWrestlers put their bodies on the line to entertain the fans. Sometimes, some matches can really take a toll on a wrestler’s body. The wrestler can get injured and even a career ending injury can occur as well!


Most promotions want their wrestlers to participate in violent matches, as most hardcore fans like matches that are violent.

Of course, the WWE does not organize violent matches anymore, but indie promotions still organize violent matches. Some indie wrestlers had to retire from wrestling after participating in a blood match or a badly scripted cage match.

Road Warrior walksRoad Warrior Animal On Hawk’s suddenly passed away after suffering heart attack at age 46

Road Warrior Animal is a legendary wrestler and his gimmick was very unique. Even today’s casual fans have an idea about who he is. Road Warrior Animal recently spoke to Wrestling Inc. about the most dangerous match of his career.

He was involved in a Scaffold match once which is a match that no longer takes place in the WWE. The wrestlers are almost 30 feet above the ring and can fall anytime. The Scaffold Match was probably one of the worst matches I’ve ever been involved in,” said Animal.

Road WarriorRoad Warrior Animal discusses how Sunny messed up while managing The Road Warriors

“You’re 30 feet above the ring on a three foot wide scaffold and I was 320lb…. It was wobbly and shaky and sometimes our own crew couldn’t put it up. The union crew had to put it up and it wasn’t the safest scaffold. So that was probably the most dangerous match.”

Road Warrior Animal discusses Sunny managing The Road Warriors