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Road Warrior Animal discusses Sunny managing The Road WarriorsWWE Hall Of Famer Road Warrior Animal recently sat down with Hannibal TV to talk about fellow Hall Of Famer Sunny. Below are some highlights:


About Sunny managing the Road Warriors:

“I think it was a very delicate situation. Because Sunny had issues too and everyone knew it. Hawk and I, besides Paul Ellering, we didn’t need any manager. Nobody is gonna believe that a girl is gonna control the Road Warriors, the Legion of Doom at the time.

Road WarriorRoad Warrior Animal On Hawk’s suddenly passed away after suffering heart attack at age 46

“Sunny in Madison Square Garden one night, the first night she was with us, was walking around on a muscle relaxer pill and I told her ‘Do not get in the way of my spikes,’ cause we’re going around the ring so far – and my big spikes came and gave her a hairline scratch on the cheek.

I came back after the match and Vince McMahon says ‘Is she messed up?’ I nodded yes. I’m not gonna lie man, you can see it on tape. Everybody in the sold-out 22,000 seat arena could see it.”

Sunny WWE star

What Road Warrior Animal thinks of everything she went through and Sunny doing porn:

“When she was with Chris Candido, back then a sweet girl with Chris. When I first met her she was sweet. I hate to see anybody to have to turn to that to make money. I feel sorry for her.

It’s really embarrassing stuff. I don’t know what I would do if anybody I really knew or in my family would stoop to that matter. I would try my best to where they wouldn’t have to. She’s at a point in her life now.”

Tammy 'Sunny' Sytch