Roman Reigns Has Been Pulled Out From Major Event By WWE — See Who Is Replacing Him

The WWE World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Intercontinental Champion Roman Reigns has been noticed by fans and even by top WWE officials to be unbeatable and unparalleled in the squared-ring.

Little wonder he has a huge volume of fans round about the world. His finishes and resilience are big plus to his career and we wouldn’t vote any one higher than him in the world of pro wrestling.

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However, as touching the just concluded event, the BIG DOG was ruled out for actions for several weeks owing to illness.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: WWE just announced that Roman Reigns would no longer be competing at upcoming PPV event, which in-turn would affect the Shield reunion a great deal. Hence, Kurt Angle who returned to WWE in-ring action for the first time in 11 years was his replacement. But why is Roman Reigns out?

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According to, the WWE is testing everyone on the Raw roster for a viral illness and that after initially thinking it was meningitis, they now think that it is the mumps, with several wrestlers testing positive for the illness.

It seems incredibly likely that this is the reason why Reigns wasn’t at the main event as he either has meningitis or the mumps. At the very least he may have been in contact with someone else who has the illness and can no longer wrestle in the ring for fear of virally spreading it.

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In another quarter, other Superstars might be affected by the illness and that the forth coming pay-per-view might be affected as many matches possible needing to change.

Also, Jojo Offerman’s mother denied the meningitis claims stating her daughter did not have the illness, but WWE’s latest announcement clearly indicates there is a viral illness going around the WWE camp and that Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns are affected because of it and can no longer compete for now.